urostomy and Indiana pouch information

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urostomy and Indiana pouch information was created by Teddybear
I've been on this site a lot to find information about my options. There seems to be a lot about the Neo bladder. Maybe I'm just not finding the topics, but there doesn't seem to be much about the urostomy and Indiana pouch. If someone can direct me to topics concerning these or let me know of your experiences with either of these procedures, I'd appreciate it.
I'm a 73 year old male who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2013. The first two tumors I had were superficial, and I was given Mitomycin and BCG. Unfortunately a third tumor developed, and it required chemo. I finished chemo last month and met with the surgeon after. He feels I'm a candidate for the Neo bladder. I had a PET scan last week and will see the surgeon tomorrow to go over my options.
By the way, sorry about the username Teddybear. I didn't realize it would actually be my name on this site.

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