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Sorry to read about your father. I have found drinking lots of water helps the painful urination more than anything else. Good luck!

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Hello all,

I am writing on behalf of my father, who is 82 and has bladder cancer. At this point we have done surgery twice and are opting not to pursue further treatment for a myriad of reasons. He is complaining of pain with urination and pain in the urethra ( I think). He is urinating frequently (that has been pretty much the norm for a while now) and wears an undergarment as he doesn't always make it to the bathroom on time. It doesn't sound like he has any skin breakdown. He takes Tylenol twice per day. He has an appointment with primary MD at the end of the month so I'm sure we can discuss his pain further, also he is getting into palliative care. But am wondering in the meantime if anyone on this board has encountered this, and did you have any ideas of how to manage it? I'm not looking for recommendations for medications, but perhaps some tips on hygiene or comfort measures that I haven't thought of already. Many thanks.

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