My father may be sick... help!

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Hello... I'm sorry your Dad is having these issues. We could not begin to surmise what his symptoms might mean since we are not medical professionals. Some of what you listed are bladder cancer symptoms as I'm sure you have read, but not necessarily.

If you have other siblings, you may just have to team up and approach your Dad about what is going on. If he insists on keeping everything private, then you may not have many other options unless one of you is listed on his patient disclosure records.

It's very unfortunate that he isn't sharing information with you because bladder cancer can be very treatable in the earlier stages. But like most other cancers, the outcomes get less favorable as time goes by without treatment or follow-up.

I know you were hoping for better advice, but at this point, it is your Dad's news to share or not. I hope you, your Dad, and your family can come to some resolution about what is best going forward.

Best wishes... Catherine
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My father may be sick... help! was created by worriedgirl
My 73 yr old father has had very bad recurring bladder pain, groin pain, blood in urine, mild incontinence, very frequent urination... for the past year or more. Theses are only the symptoms I know of because he isn't telling us what is going on. He is very tired, sleeping a lot, grouchy (that part isn't super unusual)
I know he has been getting exams done, pet scans, x-rays blood work and such, but he says the results are fine. Except he keeps going back for more exams... he has another pet scan in a few weeks.
He is taking meds but won't really say what it's for.

He is a very secretive guy who wouldn't want us to know if he was sick. He would not be getting treatments, no chemo, radiation of serious meds except pain killers.

Am I being paranoid to think it could be bladder cancer? If so what sort of prognosis could we be looking at if someone refuses all treatment options?

Please let me know your thoughts, I am very worried..

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