Having RC 11/11/2015 Need help choosing Neo vs IP

6 years 8 months ago #49724 by sara.anne
Hello, Dean, and welcome to the Forum. I have not had a cystectomy, but know many people who have. Some of them will chime in here, I am sure.

One very knowledgable member of the Forum, Alan, found an excellent summary of diversions, and I am going to beat him in posting it here for you.

From your comments, you have obviously done your own research and are familiar with a lot of this information.

From what I know, many neo's are quite successful, but do require a LOT of patience and training (but so do all the diversions.) Some patients never attain night-time continence, for example. Neo's tend to be more successful in males than in females.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR is the expertise and experience of your surgeon. It is critical that he/she does many of these a year. Some urologists may do 10 or 20 and this is NOt enough to be really good at it. You would not trust your fancy sports car to a mechanic who only sees one like it "every so often" and even more importantly, you would not want to HIRE a surgeon who is not at the top of his field. And you ARE hiring him! Do not hesitate to delve into this and, if the surgeon does not meet the criteria, take the time to find one who does.

Wishing you the very best

Sara Anne

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6 years 8 months ago #49720 by Dnwlkr
On Nov 11 I will be having an RC and am trying to decide between a Neo and an IP. I know there are many people out there with each diversion. I would like to know your thoughts on your own situation. Is there continence day and night for any Neo folks?


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