large amounts of blood in urine 6 weeks after TURBT and biopsies

3 years 5 months ago #59330 by sara.anne
While the symptoms you describe often occur after a TURB, seven weeks is a bit long. It does happen, however. It is very possible that a scab on one of the biopsy sites fell off and started the bleeding. The ER doc was probably correct in that as long as the urethra is not blocked and urine is flowing there is no critical danger. Of course your husband should contact his urologist first thing Monday morning.

Things like this NEVER happen except on the weekends when our doctors are not available!

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3 years 5 months ago #59329 by Runner2020
Hi there,

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer. The large tumor was found in a ct scan. He could not tolerate the cystoscopy in the office with just lidocaine, it was very painful. He had the cystoscopy in the hospital under general anesthesia and several biopsies were taken. He had a catheter for 7-8 days after leaving the hospital and bled through the catheter. That was about 7 weeks ago. Last night and this morning he started urinated blood again, very bright red and lots of clots. He talked to the on call doctor. The on call Dr. said to go to the ER if there was no urine output. He seems to be urinating ok but the worry is making it worse emotionally.

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