Neo-bladder and vitamin B/B12

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I had Neo-bladder surgery in 2009. The neo-bladder it-self has treated me very well over the last 10 years, but I do have some info I would like to pass along to Neo-bladder users. I remember being told at the time of recovery and reading that a person that had the surgery needed to take vitamin B/B12. I took the advice and did not pay much attention. Now 10 years latter i wiah I would have.
About 5 or 6 years ago I started seeing some dark area in my central vision. since that time I have lost a good part of my central vision. Dark area in both eyes that keeps me from driving at night of seeing well in poorly lit areas.
My eye doctors believe this vision problem is from a lack of vitamin B/B12. I read an articale today on line that discussed the possibility of blindness from the lack of B/B12.
No one can say for sure that my vision problems are from a lack of vitamins. My doctor did find i was low in B/B12
a few years ago. So ...................................
My advice to anyone having their bladder removed is to be VERY AWARE OF VITAMIN LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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