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Usually chemo such as you have had is done prior to cystectomy; it is NOT curative.

Bladder removal surgery is certainly not fun but if done early enough it IS a cure. Most healthy patients recover well and adapt to the "new normal." We have members here who drive race cars, scuba dive, mountain climb....they lead very normal and enjoyable lives.

You also need to consider what the next few years will be like without surgery. Please discuss with your urologist what you might expect if you do not have surgery. Also how will your family handle this, when you could have been cured,

As Alan said, it is a very personal decision.

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Welcome. Surgery is certainly a personal decision and I am not second guessing your decision plus I have not had to face this. I am assuming you have done enough research to know that muscle invasive BC followed by a cystectomy gives on the best chance of long term survival. I can appreciate being age 75 can be part of any dialogue also. I personally know 4 friends/aquaintenances that have gone through this. One with the illeal conduit, one with an Indiana pouch and two with a neo bladder. All are past 3 years and for the most part doing well with their decisions. That is all my 2 cents worth. I am adding a good link on the 3 types of diversions:

Feel free to post anytime. We all learn from each other!

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I am at my last 2 chemo treatments I have stage 2 muscle invasive cancer and will have my tests the last week in June. I don't want surgery as I am 75 and in good shape, is there anyone out there that is in a similar situation? I think my Dr .wants to take my bladder and prostate out even if the results of my tests are positive. Please advise asap and I would rather have good quality life more than longevity of life.

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