Weight Loss after 1st Cycle dd MVAC

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Weight Loss after 1st Cycle dd MVAC was created by SurvivorSon76
My father (71 yo) began dose dense MVAC last week. He is due for 3 cycles and then followup with RC. Our goal has been to keep his immune system strong and support him so that he could reach each treatment day as ready as possible. It has been 6 days since that 1st cycle and he has until now escaped major nausea and other side effects.

Of concern, though, is that he weighs himself everyday, and it seems like the past 2 days he has lost 8lbs. He is eating normal, and of course We begin to wonder if this is muscle loss - it seems Cisplatin induced cachexia is more common than we would like it to be, but 8lbs sounds like a whole lot (I never really like to measure weight on day to day basis as these fluctuations happen, but even over course of 1 week, 8 lbs sounds like a lot for someone who is eating as much as they always have).

Even more frustrating has been trying to find general guidelines for Nutrition to combat cachexia as I have seen complete polar opposite articles. My mom is going with him to oncologist tomorrow and we are trying to find a good oncology dietician, but if anyone here has any experience with this and any suggestions, I would be extremely grateful to hear them.

If anyone also knows of a superstar nutritionist in the field, please let me know.

Thank you all for the support and all of the great info in these forums.

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