Removing the Indiana pouch.

6 years 2 months ago #53703 by Kf
Removing the Indiana pouch. was created by Kf
Hi im Kelly new to this im 53 years old and was diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer February 9th of 1999. They removed my bladder and prostate April 5th of 2000. They a Indiana pouch on my side. Been straight cathing for 17 years the last 6 months I have developed UTI infection every three weeks. I go the ER after the antibiotics with a UTI severe and left flank pain in my kidney. I was after having the pouch for so long my urologist said they basically quit working. Now im resistant to all oral antibiotics now having surgery of removing the pouch and hooking up a urostomy bag to eliminate the infection. If anyone is going through please let me know what to expect. Thank you for reading God Bless you.

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