I Continue to Continue-Topic, are sugestions to help prevent UTI's

6 years 1 month ago #53846 by Jmitchell418
Hi, Herb,

I can't specifically tell you how to prevent UTIs but I can tell you the process I use that has served me well for the 1 year I've had an ileal conduit. I have not had any UTIs and get 7 days out of every appliance regardless of my activity level such as running, swimming or working outdoors in the heat/humidity. I too have a small diameter stoma and it is slightly convex.

Products used:
* Convatec Sur-Fit Natura Durahesive convex moldable skin barrier #404592 for stomas 1/2" to 7/8" in diameter
* Convatec Sur-Fit Natura urostomy pouch #401544
* Allkare flange removal wipes #037443
*Cavilon skin barrier wipe #3344
* I do not use Eakin seal rings at all

* I remove the old flange/pouch using 2 Allkare remover wipes and then dry the area under the flange with a clean washcloth.
* I then use a small pencil shaver (mens personal beard groomer purchased at Target for $15) to thoroughly trim any hair that grows under the flange area
* then I shower without the pouch and flange using only Ivory soap. Clean the area well.
* I place a clean dry washcloth over stoma while drying off using a NuHope ostomy belly to hold the washcloth in place. Place the new flange in the belt against your body to warm it up
* once dry I use one Cavilon skin barrier wipe over the entire flange area up to the base of the stoma
* remove flange backing, open up the moldable stoma opening and place over stoma. The moldable opening will slowly close in around the stoma but it won't pinch it off
* snap on the pouch
* I then wrap the NuHope ostomy belt really tight for 30 mins to be sure it adheres well

Hope this helps you. Maybe there's something in my process that is different in yours that might make a difference.

I use a Hollister night drainage bag and I'm curious as to how you disinfect it daily. I just rinse mine with hot water.


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6 years 3 months ago #53589 by sara.anne
Hello, Herb, and welcome back!!!

I moved your post...you had it in "How To" which is really How to Use this Forum....

Hopefully someone can come up with some better suggestions here.

Sara Anne

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6 years 3 months ago #53587 by Herb
Sorry I haven't been around --- not going to talk about other health stuff (really boring). Over the wonderful 7 years of being cancer free one ongoing problem are frequent UTI infections. I am very lucky to make a month without one cropping up. I now know the early signs and have caught the last several early, like one I have now :-) However, my PC can clear them up but has had no real suggestion how to prevent. I use a "Marlen" pouch with empty valve and also valve to prevent back flow. I hardly ever get more that 3 days per pouch; stoma small, 1/2 inch and convex. A Wound nurse suggested using NuHope who will take a casting of stoma and area and try to get more exact fit. Will let you knowhow that goes.

I use a Foley bag at night, which I clean and disinfect every day, however maybe, even if they do not leak, I need to toss them on regular interval. I simply do not think I should be getting infection every month or so? Thanks Herb

Age 72 had radical 9/11/10 have conduit everything is fine, grateful to be a cancer survivor. Lost Dad and Brother to Cancer both in their 50's.

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