RC: Is there an app for that? (Apple Watch alarm, neobladder urination timing)

6 years 5 months ago - 6 years 5 months ago #53233 by MoreLife
Seriously, this is a disease-specific software question.

With a recent diagnosis of muscle-invasive bladder cancer following a TURT-B, I'm very likely to soon be starting a round of MVAC chemo followed by a radical cystectomy and, I hope, neobladder reconstruction. As I wait for my first appointment with the specialist urologist/oncologist team in 2 weeks, I'm trying to do what I can to prepare for that treatment course, which two urologists have told me expect. I understand that if all goes that well, I'll need to replace the lost function of nerve signalling by urinating on a timed schedule, at intervals of no longer than X hours around the clock, with X lengthening to about 4 as the neobladder heals and stretches.

While it's far from the biggest preparation item, it occurred to me that wearing an Apple Watch at all times might be helpful with that, particularly with getting awakened by alarm without waking my wife. I know there are numerous alarm apps that can be set to go at specific times and either sound an alarm or vibrate at those times. Those would be helpful but not ideal. Ideally, the app would function like an hourglass. The maximum urination interval "X" would be held in memory, and could be reset from month to month as appropriate. Each time I urinate, I would tell the watch (or linked iPhone) to reset the alarm to give me another X hours. An app in which that information entry would require very few taps would be best. Ideally, the watch would vary the initial alarm mode (from sound to vibrate) depending on time of day/night, and escalate the alarm if I didn't respond to it.

I currently own an iPhone but not an Apple Watch. If anyone has an app to recommend, I'd like to test it out on the phone and maybe buy a watch soon to get used to wearing and using it. Suggestions?

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