Stage 2 diagnosed from TURBT; What should I ask my urologist next week?

6 years 5 months ago #53141 by MoreLife
Greetings. 54-year-old male, new to this forum. Thought I was in good health, routine checkup led in a few short weeks to where I stand now: Had a TURBT earlier this week, just got lab results confirming it's cancer and indicating it is an aggressive one that has invaded the muscle. Hopefully no more than Stage 2 (CT scan was clean and urologist says it appears to be just the one site). I'll be seeing the urologist early next week; he's well-credentialed and I have confidence in him, so of course I'll be looking to him much more than to a forum for treatment recommendations. (From reading I'm anticipating that given it's invaded the muscle, he'll be recommending either a partial or radical cystectomy, but we left the treatment discussion for next week's meeting; he just called to convey the lab results, as I'd requested.). But what should I be asking him? Are there questions that those of you who've been here before me wish you'd asked earlier?

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