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Tumor Started in Muscle & Moved inward?

4 years 4 months ago #51090 by sara.anne
Really, the only one who can explain this would be the urologist. Do you have a copy of the path report? You should, and if you don't, ask for one for your records. Did the path report state that the tumor was "urothelial transitional cell carcinoma?" That is the most common type of bladder cancer that arises from the urothelial cells in the bladder lining and sometimes in the lining of tissues leading to the kidneys.

IF your diagnosis is indeed "wierd", "Abnormal" and "bizarre," you need to get a second opinion at a major cancer center that specializes in bladder cancer so that you can be sure that the treatment recommendations are exactly what is needed in your case. If you are not at such a place, let us know where you are located and maybe someone can suggest a place. Or, use our Treatment Finder on our home page.

Sara Anne

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4 years 4 months ago #51088 by dcb1221
Newly diagnosed with bladder cancer, but can't get any answers regarding the unusual origin.

All Bladder cancer descriptions that I read specify that the cancer starts inside the bladder and moves outward and into the muscle, however my urologist is certain that my tumor began in the outside muscle and worked its way inward. We had a biopsy prior to the TURBT that was negative for cancer cells, but the biopsy after removal was cancerous.

The urlogist used the words "wierd", "Abnormal" and bizarre to describe it, but no response for why it is different. I know it wont change the need for cystectomy, but I would like to know why it was so bizarre to a urologist. I have had MRI, Colonoscopy and CT scan that shows no other sites of cancer. I am planning on a PET scan in the next week.

The only other symptoms/conditions that I currently have is Vit D deficiency and Severe intermittent backache that does not seem to have a cause either.

Suggestions/information appreciated!

Thank you

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