Can someone please explain what this means?

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Replied by designer1 on topic Can someone please explain what this means?
Thank YOU! I think that you have helped a lot to at least comfort both of us because it has been so on-going. The meds he is taking (and was taking via veins prior) is called Ceflazidine. I will relate to Dad your words and Thank you from the bottom of my heart..and His.

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Replied by OldEngineer on topic Can someone please explain what this means?
My bet would be the ureters and possibly from there, into the kidneys. The only "up" from the bladder is into the kidneys which feed urine into the bladder. So perhaps the doctor wants to investigate what is going on either with the kidneys or the ureters themselves, to see if there is any evidence of infection. (Each kidney has a ureter that drains into the bladder; not to be confused with the urethra which is what drains the bladder through the prostate to the penis to the outside.)

Hope your father feels better; tell him "Ich wuensche Ihnen Gesundheit!" ("I wish you good health!").

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My dad received a "line" directly into his veins at the hospital which goes directly to the main area by his neck. It had medication in it which was a direct source to fight an ongoing infection from his bladder. Seems that every time it was "gone" it was back again when they stopped the meds. A Home self injection therapy was opted for convenience since every time they discharged him, he was back again.
Now, He has had a large tumor (Type A agressive) removed in February this year. Finally they went back in and found his bladder is clear of any growths. Ok, that is the good news. But since he has had this reacurring infection (he is 82) the doctor did take biopsies and said they all came out negative (another great news).
So bottom line is, the doctor said to come back in three months for another Cystro to the bladder. In the meantime he is on pill form of medication as is normal from release from same day surgery.
Ok, this is the wonder...part...Doctor calls (Him) naturally and tells him to come by his office the end of Oct for a "sit down" to discuss going further UP from the bladder during the time he has his next Cystro in three months. He said he wants to find the source of the infection because it is in his urine.
Mind you he feels fine with the exception of aftermath of some incontinence after Cystro. But doctor wants to go higher up. So where do you think he wants to go and what do you think he is looking for? Any help you can provide here is helpful. I have been trying to discuss this with Dad but he blows it way out of proportion because the doctor wants to go up higher.
I told Dad (and hope it is right) that the path of the "bug" or rather "source area" has not been found and the doctor is curious to why dad can't shake this. He is a German decent' and has first found that he had been prone to urinary infections all his life. Please explain where the doctor "could be traveling to" beyond the bladder. Thanks so much for your help. Assistance whatever you can provide as "maybe" or experience.

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