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treatment BCG

14 years 4 months ago #392 by skypilot
 Star I have been wondering these same things. I am now in my first round of BCG treatments, 3 down 3 to go. I hope someone can give us some info. Also I do not understand the sizing of the tumers that you had removed. Was on half the size of your blader that seems very large.  Do you have T-1 ? That is what I have? Don

Hanging in there!

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14 years 4 months ago #391 by star
I guess I need to know how many folks actually come away from the 6 week treatment and keep their bladder or down the road after scopes to come actually loose the bladder due to the spread of tumors into the wall? low grade superficial stage1 is the % better par say?DR says we are gaining on the cancer? meaning what? I think I want to understand is the bcg going to stop the cancer totally? I know scopes may show tumors in the next year and TUR will be done again {had 2 so far in 6 weeks 2 tumors now removed 1-1/2 half of bladder size 2-5th of bladder size} how much am I not being told? is this just step one leading to the spread of cancer to losing your bladder? how many BCG'S can you have in a year? each time a tumor is threating and is removed increases my chances of higher stages? I really wonder whom has low grade and is fine? thanks :P Star
after a year of these scopes are you closer to being out of the woods or will always even after 5 years be under the gun par say????

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