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** This thread discusses the content article: BLADDER CANCER SYMPTOMS AND FACTS **

In the United States……

It is the 5th most common cancer.

It is almost 3 times as likely to occur in men as women.

Bladder cancer occurs in more women each year than cervical cancer.

It is estimated that yearly there will be over 70,000 new cases

and over 14,000 deaths.

There are over 500,000 bladder cancer survivors

A man has a 1 in 27 and a woman a 1 in 84 chance of getting

bladder cancer in their lifetime

Risk factors

If you feel you have Bladder Cancer symptoms or are at risk of developing bladder cancer consult with your doctor about planning to reduce your risk and appropriate monitoring.

A history of smoking.

The risk of bladder cancer goes up with age; though it can occur at any age

Occupational exposure to certain chemicals.

A family history of bladder cancer.

Caucasians are twice as likely to get bladder cancer

as African Americans or Hispanics


The following bladder infection symptoms are not sure signs of bladder cancer and may be caused by other conditions. If you experience any of the following please see your doctor or an Urologist.

Symptom: Blood in the urine; visual or microscopic

(may present as a few drops, small clots or may range from pale yellow red, tea color or

dark red and be continuous or intermittent)

Symptom: Urinary frequency

Symptom: Frequent need to urinate without results

Symptom: Pain or discomfort when urinating

A bladder cancer diagnosis is often delayed due to the symptoms being similar to urinary tract infection and common gynecological problems. If these problems persist following treatment; talk to your doctor or Urologist. Statistics show that if diagnosed early bladder cancer has a high rate of survival.

Facts to remember if you are diagnosed with bladder cancer

If diagnosed and early bladder cancer has a high rate of survival

75% of bladder cancer is diagnosed while non invasive

Proper treatment and surveillance are important to success

Become an informed medical consumer by learning about your condition

You are not alone. Tthe support community of the American Bladder Cancer Society welcomes you, it is open to all and free of charge.

  • Bladder Cancer Overview
  • Bladder Cancer Causes
  • Bladder Cancer Symptoms
  • When to Seek Medical Care
  • Exams and Tests
  • Bladder Cancer Treatment
  • Medical Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Other Therapy
  • Next Steps
  • Follow-up
  • Prevention
  • Support Groups and Counseling
  • For More Information
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