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Yes the reason he started catheterizing is because it was retaining urine in the pouch. That may be the reason for the leak too.

My guess is the reason it stopped leaking with Catheterizing is becuase the pouch is totally empty when he catheterizes.

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I can only guess that the reason your father's doctor made him start catheterizing was because aside from leaking, he was retaining urine and that can back up into the kidney, cause infections and even kidney damage.

The exercizes are called 'kegals' (type into and tons of info will come up-try post cystectomy kegal), and are important especially in the beginning to combat leakage and learn the feelings accompanied by the need to void.

Actually I'm surprised the leakage stopped due to catheterizing, because I would imagine that doing three caths a day wouldn't keep the bladder empty enough to avoid leaking! But Im not a urologist or a medical professional, and don't know everything (if only).

You really need to find out the doctor's rationale. Your father might be one of those who has to catheterize forever...a small minority of neobladder pts. end up with this situation as part of the deal.

As far as frequency, 3 or 4 times a day is not a lot...the point is not to let the new bladder become too full, or remain full too long because if the bladder gets stretched that's a bad thing. The rule of thumb is not to let more than 4-500 ml of urine accumulate. Many, or maybe most, people post-op actually measure urine output to keep track of it.

If your father wants to get off the catheter, it sounds like he could use a good lesson on how to manage his neobladder. I hope more people respond to your questions. Where is his doctor through all of this, and why doesn't he answer basic questions?

Good luck,

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My Dad went through Radical Cytectomy 6 months ago. After a month or so he started urinating normally although it was constant leaking but he could go and empty the bladder normally

On check up the doctor felt it was important to catheterize. So he started catheterizing 4 times a day and now he does 3 times a day but now he is not able to urinalte normally. He just catheterizes and it empties his bladder. The leaking is also stopped.
Does anyone know how long will it take to start urinating normally while perfoming catheterization

Is there some exercise or something that will help him with the pressure he needs to provide to urinate normally

How many times does one have to catheterize after 6 months

How long do you have to catheterize and what is the frequeancy required long term.

Your answers/tips will be greatly appreciated.


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