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17 years 7 months ago #212 by pooderpie
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Hi Nancy,
Are you in pain all the time or do you have a lot of pain sometimes. I am also three months out and will still get pain from my "stab" wounds that can be very bad and a percocet is needed  :( but this only happens once or twice a month and only if I exercise to much. Is your pain comming from the incision point or somewhere else. I never did have any bad pain after I got home other than my back that has it's own problems and thus the need for the percocet. But My doctor is surprised, most people do experience pain and some for as much as 18 months post op but not the kind of pain that would require a percocet every day. here is a dumb question: have you talked to your doctor about this and what did he/she say? do you exercise daily? like walking I know it sounds like a stupid question if you are in pain but I was told I had such a smooth recovery becuse of the amount of walking I did.of course don't start walking until your doctor has given the ok and you find out where this pain is comming from.

hopping you are pain free very soon

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17 years 7 months ago #210 by NancyK
Pain Management was created by NancyK
I am almost 3 months post op - cystoscomy and Indiana pouch - and am still in alot of pain. I have gone back to Percocet and wondered if anyone can tell me how long it took them to become pain free.
Thanks, Nancy

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