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Chemo Side Effects

12 years 5 months ago #19910 by joeburg55
yuppers, its par for the course with cisplatin, 2 or 3 shirts a day for me after the first dose , the other 2 doses didnt brealy affect me the same? go -figgure

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12 years 5 months ago #19907 by Patricia
Unfortunately the Evil Cisplatin is the culprit giving your Dad a sampling of what menopausal women go through with the hot flushes.....unfortunately i don't think estrogen would be the answer for him! It just goes with the territory.

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12 years 5 months ago #19894 by momof4
Hi Michelle,

Angelo and I can't sleep because of the Pet Scan tomorrow...I asked him about the hot flashes and he remembers them very well...if you put ice on the wrists, and the back of the neck it helps a bit...He used to want a blanket one minute and a cold shower the next...Sorry your Dad is going through this...

Wishing you & the family the best,

Caregiver for my Wonderful Husband Angelo, who has Metastatic Bladder Cancer.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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12 years 5 months ago #19892 by newbie08
Hi all,

just wondering if anyone that under went chemo (cis/gem) experienced hot flushes, cold sweats or the like! My dad had a terrible week after is "big" treatment this week, he was very sick, we had been expecting it though after the evil Cisplatin!?!?! He is thankfully feeling alot better over the weekend but is still experiencing VERY bad hot flushes, he has to change his top its so bad? I'm just wondering if this is normal? His temperature is fine but his shirts are soaked through???

Any help would be appreciated?

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