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Some of the commonly used abbreviations that you will encounter reading this site, message board and in our discussion group are:

TCC =transitional cell carcinoma--most common form of bladder cancer
TUR= transurethral resection--minimally invasive surgery performed via the urethra, also known as:
TURBT-transurethral resection bladder tumor
IVP= intraveinous pyelogram--test for checking the kidneys and ureters
CYSTO =cystoscopy, inspection of the bladder with a lighted instrument.
RESECTION =(surgically) cutting out.
CIS =carcinoma in situ (flat tumor)
TURB, TURP = TransUrethral Resection of the Bladder or Prostate
RC = radical cystecomy (surgical removal of the bladder and prostate in men, bladder and reproductive organs in women)
POKE & PEEK or P&P= term used on the bladder cancer email discussion group, referring to periodic cystoscopy exams.
Slash and Burn - TUR plus fulguration
POUCH PEOPLE= term used to refer to those who have had their bladder removed and an internal reservoir reconstructed from bowel tissues (sometimes called "marsupials", like the pouched animals, e.g. kangaroos).
"CYSTO KIDS" = term used on the bladder cancer discussion group, referring to those who still have their bladders and thus have to have periodic cystoscopic exams.
p53= a biomarker which may be tested to check for tumor characteristics/ risk factors
CCDRT= cell culture drug resistance testing (chemo sensitivity assay)
MVAC= common chemo cocktail for bladder cancer
CMV = chemo cocktail
CISCA= chemo cocktail
5FU= flourouracil (a chemo)
GC= Gemzar (gemcitabine) and Cisplatin (platinol), a chemo combination
BCG=-Bacillus Calmette-Guerin -immunotherapy for superficial blaCa
IFN= Interferon, an immunotherapy
KLH =keyhole limpet hemocyanin--immunotherapy for superficial TCC
PDT= photodynamic therapy--experimental tx for superficial TCC
TNM/Staging system T=tumor size, N=nodes involved, M=metastasis
MRI= magnetic resonance imaging, diagnositic test
CT= computerized tomography, diagnostic test
PET= positron emission tomography, diagnostic test
SCC =small cell carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma--both rare forms of bladder cancer
RCC= renal cell carcinoma--kidney (also called renal pelvis) cancer
Medical terms
qd = every day
bid = twice a day ("bi" = two)
tid = three times a day ("tri"= three)
qid = four times a day ("quad" = four)
qod = every other day
q 8 hrs = every 8 hours
p.o. = by mouth
I.M. = intramuscular
I.V. = intravenous
a.c. = before meals ("ante cibum")
p.c. = after meals ("post cibum")
H.S. = bedtime, hour of sleep
rbc = red blood cells
wbc = white blood cells
anemia = usually refers to RBC deficiency
leukocytopenia = WBC deficiency, often a side effect of chemo, exposes the patient to infection susceptiility.
thrombocytopenia = platelet deficiency
sx = surgery (or symptoms)
dx = diagnosis
tx = treatment
hx = history
px = physical
gy = Grey --a radiation unit
rad = a radiation unit
rad tx = radiation therapy
PT = physical therapy
OT = occupational therapy
(Thanks to Kathy Knight, RN)
Email and message board slang:
LOL -laugh out loud
ROTFL -roll on the floor laughing
IMHO -in my humble opinion
-BTW by the way
:-) smile
:-( frown
FYI for your information!
d/o, s/o, w/o, h/o = daughter of, son of, wife of, husband of DIL, SIL,
MIL, FIL = daughter-in-law, son-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law

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