Neo Bladder Vs Indiana

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hey Karen
I can have either and i can decide on the day. my doc has excellent repuatuion with both. i am aware of metabolic acidodis but believe it can be managed. I think the neobladder is probably the way to go too. but i did meet someone recently who had the pouch and is doing very well indeed. I guess there's a lot of variables and uncertainties with either.


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17 years 2 months ago #1406 by KarenE
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Hello Tim,

My Dad had the neobladder "put in" in July. I think doctor's are not performing the Indiana Pouch as often or at all since the neobladder is "better". Have you discussed this with your doctor and has he or she offered you both? My Dad had some set backs with metabolic acidosis but is on the road to recovery. Every doctor is different, but make sure you ask about this and are aware of it.

I personally think the neobladder is the way to go... whatever that is worth :)

Take care, I'll have you in my thoughts.

Karen E.

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17 years 2 months ago #1403 by timb
Neo Bladder Vs Indiana was created by timb

I finally made my decision to go with the cystectomy (18thOct) and am now looking at the various diversion options. I've spoken in person to people with both the neobladder and Indiana Pouch options and both sets of people seemed to have good reasons for their choice. EG the neobladder lets you urinate more normally but has a slightly steeper learning curve and a potential for more wetness. The pouch on the other hand may be a bit more controllable but gives you a greater dependence on caths and a bigger chance of infection. I don't know if any of this is true for me!!!!!!

I know there is lots of comparative info out there and on this site explaining the differences, advantages and disadvantages but I'm at an information overload stage. For the average person (i.e. me) is the difference between the two negligible or are there any real problems with one or the other? I'm lazy but active and like to travel. My job is desky with intermittent moderate lifting. At this stage I'm veering towards the neo because of the really positive things I keep hearing. Can anyone share their own decision making process with regards to this?



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