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Bladder Cancer// Agent Orange??

7 years 3 weeks ago #45304 by motomike
I'll monitor for more info. Bladder & prostrate taken in 2010 and looks like skin cancer may be developing.

I'm 70, retired heat/air contractor. After 4 months of keymo ileal conduit (IC) surgery removed bladder & prostate May 2010

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7 years 3 weeks ago #45303 by di1969
These is so much information out there. Below is one I found recently.

I wanted to share one website with arsenic and bladder cancer information.


Look at the conclusion and find this " These populations experience particularly exacerbated rates of cancer in organs where arsenic is most concentrated or is excreted, including lung, bladder, and skin cancers".

The above is taken from
Molecular Biology International
Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 718974, 11 pages
Review Article

Arsenic Biotransformation as a Cancer Promoting Factor by Inducing DNA Damage and Disruption of Repair Mechanisms

Victor D. Martinez,1,2 Emily A. Vucic,1 Marta Adonis,2 Lionel Gil,2 and Wan L. Lam1

1Department of Integrative Oncology, BC Cancer Research Centre, 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 1L3
2Biomedical Sciences Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Independencia 1027, 8380453 Santiago, Chile
Received 16 March 2011; Accepted 6 June 2011
Academic Editor: Frédéric Coin

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7 years 3 weeks ago #45302 by di1969
Hubby served 1967-1968, 555th Triple Nickel as heavy equipment operator building roads and runways.

Reading above from ITSAMAMA, I have never heard of anyone getting a VA doctor to say it is due to Agent Orange. That information would be beneficial to ALL.

I have met many on another board, BCAN, search Vietnam Veterans with Bladder Cancer. I found your group here searching for information. There is a lot of information on the other board, so with this one and that one perhaps we can share information and get it in the right hands.
Have any of you been to the Agent Orange Registry? They will do a physical at your local VA medical office - free as I understand.
IF all of the Vietnam Veterans would do this, and IF VA will keep records of sickness, like Bladder Cancer, then perhaps they will ad BC to the list.
All I can do at this point is keep letting others know that their voice counts, and we all need to get working on this, by getting the Agent Orange Registry and physical, and sharing information so that something will be done.
Agent Blue is part of the Agent Orange Registry and contained arsenic. Research arsenic and bladder cancer and you will find that arsenic is a known cause of bladder cancer. Why cannot VA admit this and add bladder cancer to the list of presumptive disease? I have met several great veterans on the other board who have struggled for years with their bladder cancer, and still trying to get hearings on their individual case, some denied and reapplied. This is not right.
Let's work on this together! I have written my congressman early in my search and received a nice reply. By researching I am finding what I feel is evidence that they cannot refute. Just must get it to the people who care and will do something for our veterans.
There is no reason that each veteran should do years of research and file appeal after appeal. SO MUCH evidence that arsenic is a cause of bladder cancer. VA, if you are reading this, and I hope you are, please get this done NOW.

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7 years 3 weeks ago #45289 by jimswife
DI, there are many of us wondering the same thing. We've tried and filed a claim that was denied as it is not considered a presumptive from AO. Most of us understand that while some smoked and were exposed to AO many never smoked and yet still got BC. It seems that this is a subject the VA (govt) doesn't wish to touch. I would go ahead and submit a claim and it will be denied but at least it will show yet another Vietnam Veteran who now has BC. Thanks for your service. BTW, when and where did you serve and what unit.

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7 years 3 weeks ago #45288 by di1969
Has anyone on this board had BC approved for VA benefits due to agent orange exposure? So far it is not on the presumptive list of diseases. Hubby had RC nearly a year ago. No prostate cancer involved. Had high grade BC. He now has IC.
Thanks for any help.

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7 years 2 months ago #45092 by jimswife
Itsamamma, We are informed and have been on top of this since Aug. 2010 when Jim first applied for anything VA. In Florida they have county VA service officers that are a great help that are free. None of them has said that BC is a presumptive. The care is not an issue what I am wondering is does your husband get a percentage disability compensation for his BC? The doctors say BC could be from AO but more likely because Jim smoked (he quite 30+ yrs ago) that was what caused it not AO. It is indeed an uphill battle to get any of this recognized. I am glad your husband has had it recognized perhaps it will open the door for many others to follow through.

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