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Bladder Cancer// Agent Orange??

4 years 3 weeks ago #51847 by di1969
Regarding diesel, it has been some time since I have studied, but do searching for these terms:

World Health Organization diesel lung bladder cancer press release

Great Britain occupational study diesel bladder cancer

Look closely for words such as those, and even add the specific occupation / job in military. Then go into your personal military records and find any evidence of military exposure to diesel fumes / exhaust.

http://helpdesk.vetsfirst.org/index.php?pg=kb.printer.friendly&id=76 Look at 3.5 Nexus to understand the role your treating physicians letter would play in the claim and how to ask your physician to word the letter.

If you have not found the free online version of the IOM's NAP book Veterans and Agent Orange Update 2014 (published March 2016), then download a free copy from National Academies Press and look at the bladder cancer section - last two or three pages of that chapter in particular. I think veterans are now adding those pages to their claims.

You will find the Korean Vietnam Veterans Health study listed in that chapter...find the condensed version about bladder cancer from the actual Korean study, showing an increase in bladder cancer for their Vietnam Veterans.

Look at the other evidence presented by the IOM in their publication above. Find that published evidence and share all of this with your doctor......just the few pages of each report that apply, as the files get thick at VA - per our VSO. Underscore the key words in dark ink.....these reviewers have a lot to read so make it easy for them to find what you are sending in as few pages as possible to show the results of each report.

Things change and you must stay on top of all of this. My understanding has increased over the last 3 years, but still just an average person searching - just determination as I was reading day and night and sharing with anyone who would read and listen.

Hopefully Secretary McDonald will get feedback from the other committee he asked to review the IOM's changes - very soon we hope - and can make a proper determination to add BC to the list.

None of us are in this alone....we are all searching for answers. I hope some of my suggestions can be of help....but it is really up to you to jump in as get it presented clearly and concisely. Someone told me that they are keeping their claims open with more evidence as they find more. Wishing you all well.

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4 years 3 weeks ago #51846 by jimswife
And all the Vietnam veterans who suffer not just from BC but from numerous other diseases that are as likely as not (to use VAs own wording) due to their exposure to AO and the other herbicides that were used in Vietnam. Now my husband is deceased as a result of his exposure, we had hired an attorney prior to his death to handle the claims and appeals that are still pending. Frankly, I had never thought the expression delay deny until they die was factual but the more I see of VA the more I tend to be a believer of that comment. Wishing all well. BTW, I along with several others spoke to the IOM at their last meeting to discuss BC connect to AO. That's how they bumped it up to the perhaps is due to the exposure rather than no way at all. We all will wait, it's what we do. Wishing all well with their claims.

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4 years 6 months ago #50822 by itsamama
Here's some updated information that may help those (like my DH *Dear Hubby*) who were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam:

This is potentially GREAT news.

DH (Dear Hubby)...
Diagnosed: March 2013
TURBT (non-invasive, aggressive), CIS: April 2013
BCG began: May 2013
Completed initial BCG: July 2013

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4 years 7 months ago #50678 by jimswife
JrFox your guess is as good as anyone elses. Who knows how VA thinks or doesn't think? I surely do not. My husband's claim was also turned down and we are appealing it. Since he has so many things going on that should be approved we finally after 5+ years of dealing with it all have turned it over to an attorney who is supposed to be pretty good. I will tell you that I spoke along with some others to the IOM, the group who decides what is recommended to VA/Congress for approval as presumptive, regarding our research about BC/AO connection. Hopefully when they release their recommendations we will find BC included. I am never very optimistic when it comes to VA but we never know do we?
Wishing you the best!

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4 years 7 months ago #50549 by Jrfox49
I was just turned down by the VA for my claim of bladder cancer associated with agent orange, how are others getting approval but not all?

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4 years 7 months ago #50529 by jimswife
VA has not approved BC as an AO presumptive. The Institute of Medicine IOM is reviewing a number of diseases including evidence I along with some others offered them when we spoke at their meeting in April of last year. The report should be out by March of this year. Here's hoping.

As far as AO being mixed with diesel I cannot say but there was a lot of diesel in VN. If you are wanting a notarized statement re: this I suggest you go the "buddy letter" route. Try to contact someone you served with who may have had knowledge of this and have them write a statement saying this, notarized it and use as part of your proof/evidence.

Good luck with your claim. I am not sure but believe Di is a lady I've worked with in research for BC/AO connection.

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