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12 years 7 months ago #10779 by Maria
Hi Ginger, sorry to hear about this. Hopefully you will get the right answers on Tuesday. Best of luck, will be thinking about you both. Maria xx

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12 years 7 months ago #10766 by Gene Beane
Right Pat, no heart attack this time, but the cardiologist called it a red flag. So the test on Tuesday coming up,,,,,Ginger

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12 years 7 months ago #10765 by Patricia
Ginger i'm guessing the enzymes (renin) were not released into the blood stream and he did not have another heart attack? The last time my husband went into the hospital for some reason his enzymes did not peak until the second day...maybe thats unusual or maybe our hospital is about 20 yrs behind. Another thing with the Plavix(powerful blood thinner) which my husband also took...it stays in your system about 7 days....when they did the angiogram he bled and bled and bled and even then they did not have the sense to take him off of it prior to his scheduled surgery date...(believe me i tried to tell them....) and the surgeon had to cancel his surgery for another week. You know the end result of all that. We all assume they know what they're doing...but just keep an eye on him. I wish you the best and it wouldnt be the first time a stent closed up or moved. Pat

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12 years 7 months ago #10764 by Gene Beane
This past Sunday was one year since Gene's heart attack, at that time he had a stent put in his A descending artery which was closed 99 per cent, the following day he had 3 more less serious sites stented. That was 2006. This past Sunday , same Sunday as last year,,Gene had symptoms again, heavy arms, but racing heart, and nausea with back pain. So off we went, I drove him and called the Er that we were coming in. They were waiting at the door, after I parked the car I went in and Gene had 4 RN 's and 4 Doctors sticking needles everywhere. I looked at the pulse and heart rate machine, his pulse was 160,, blood pressure 180 over 120, he is on Lopressor, Plavix, and Hyzaar. Well they had 3 bags of stuff going in him and did an ekg which showed a problem. After about an hour our daughter in law came on duty, she is a RN IN THE er. As she looked at the monitor she said Oh good he flipped back to regular heart beat. Our cardiologist was called and said he should spend the night and talk with him the next day. So Monday the cardiologist said this inticates a stent may have moved or more stents may be needed, suggested to Gene to stay for a heart cath or do a out patient medicated stress test. Of course he choose to come home and have the test. It will be done on Tuesday next week. All I can say is I hope this is a sign of maybe med's need changed, or he may have a minor blockage somewhere. But he was not staying, not after what he just went through 9 weeks ago. I wanted him to stay but I am not the one who spent 6 days at the Cleveland Clinic going thru Bladder Cancer surgery. So he is home, feels sort a fine, a little shocked from Sundays ordeal, and so am I...I don't know what to think, but we will find out Tuesday. He was checked out before surgery by his cardiologist for b/c surgery, we had no choice anyway. I guess having the heart attack last year was lucky, as it was fixed to only get b/c, and now the heart again....Ginger

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