Flexible Bluelight Cystoscopy may be discontinued

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On March 21, 2023, PHOTOCURE – the manufacturer of photosynthesizing chemical Cysview which is used for Bluelight cystoscopy (BLC) announced discontinuation of the current  flexible BLC business.  PHOTOCURE told that their partner Karl Storz - the manufacturer of endoscopy decided to discontinue the manufacturing of flexible BLC tower equipment in the US due to  component supply issues of which details were not mentioned.   Flexible BLC was approved by FDA in 2018 as addendum after a clinical trial to the already approved Rigid BLC.   Though Rigid BLC required operating room (OR) and used during TURBT, Flexible BLC can be used in non OR environment as surveillance diagnosis tool for NMIBC.  PHOTOCURE stated Karl Storz will explore the development of a next generation state-of-the-art flexible BLC pending a positive reclassification decision by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  There are 69 flexible BLC installations in the US.  The CEO of PHOTOCURE said spare parts for flexible bluelight cystoscopy would not be available in November this year.    There are about 300 Rigid BLC units installed in NA. The stock price (Norway stock exchange)  of PHTOCURE lost 50% after
the announcement.  111 NOK ( $US 10 Feb 17 to 50 NOK   CUS$5) as of yesterday.    Photocure is a small company with $US30 million annual revenue from single product Cysview.   After this event,  The CEO of Photocure said they want to develop bluelight source so it can be used for cystoscopy platform from various vendors they do not have to depend on Karl Storz only.  Also, the CEO said in the analysts meeting which was held in May that Olympus has a plan to introduce their version of bluelight cystoscopy platform in late this year. There are many urologists who have been using Olympus as their preferred cystoscopy platform.   So, if all these thing happen, it is possible for bluelight cystoscopy be available not just in NCI designated major hospitals but also community hospitals.  That will be great for bladder cancer patients.  I hope it happens.

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