Women experience more severe side effects than men from cancer treatments

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Sex Differences in Risk of Severe Adverse Events (AE) in Patients Receiving Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, or Chemotherapy in Cancer Clinical Trials -  An American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal  

The greater severity of both symptomatic AEs and hematologic AEs in women across multiple treatment modalities indicates that broad-based sex differences exist. This could be due to differences in AE reported, pharmacogenomics of drug metabolism/disposition, total dose received, and/or adherence to therapy. Particularly large sex differences were observed for patients receiving immunotherapy, suggesting that studying AEs from these agents is a priority.

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Above was mainly the side effects by systemic treatment for advanced bladder cancer.

Below is another study looking at Intravesical BCG treatment for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
The study indicates sex seems make difference in intravesical BCG treatment, provided I read the paper correctly.  

Among proposed tumor/host intrinsic factors that may influence response to immune-based therapies, patient sex remains a challenging consideration that deserves further attention. Evidence to date supports a multifactorial origin of sexual dimorphism in the incidence and outcomes of UCB.  The study was conducted by MD Andersons, Harvard Medical, Queens University in Canada, Pasteur Institute in Paris, where BCG was developed first.

Link to the report

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