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Need advise

13 years 2 weeks ago #10142 by wendy

Does this sound okay to all of you?

Hi Kathy,

Yes, I would tend to believe your doctor knows what he's doing, you've received the diagnostics necessary to rule out blc and now you've got this other dx of horseshoe kidney which can explain the hematuria.

I wish you well!

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13 years 2 weeks ago #10064 by Patricia
Sounds like you're on top of it. I just wonder if there isn't something new that they can do with horseshoe kidney? I must research. My cousin has the same thing only she developed polycystic disease and is now on a transplant list. It certainly can manifest itself in many ways. Pat

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13 years 2 weeks ago #10062 by mimi
Thanks Wendy and Pat.

Yes Wendy, Cytology was done and was negative as was the Renal Ultrasound, CT Scan and Cystoscopy.

I saw my Uro this morning and my urine was clear. Not even a trace of blood. This has been the case every time. My episodes never last longer than 1 voiding and are months and months apart. My Dr. and I had a very long talk. They re-read my CT scan and Renal Ultrasound...still nothing. We discussed the fact that I do have a Horseshoe Kidney. Hematuria is a symptom of Horseshoe Kidney. The Hematuria is caused from several factors with the Kidney.
1) It is not in the usual position nor are the blood vessels in the normal postion.
The tubules do not connect in the proper place either.
2) The position of the kidney makes it vulnerable to jarring and moving. Since I run
alot and am very active my kidney gets jarred around causing some leakage.
3) Horseshoe kidney's are prone to stone formation and sludge buildup in the tubules
due to improper draining and reflux.
4) The older I get the more likely this is to happen.

My Uro feels that my Hematuria is from the Horsehoe Kidney. I tend to believe the same since I only have this when I really workout hard. BUT, to be on the safe side I am going to get a second opinion from UAB. If the second opinion agrees with my Uro's opinion then we are going to repeat the CT Scan and Cytology in a couple of months just to make sure that nothing was missed. If these all come back negative,then I will be checked every 3 months thereafter.

Does this sound okay to all of you?


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13 years 2 weeks ago #10023 by wendy
Hi Mimi,

No, hematuria is almost always something aside from bladder cancer and that is why screening is not 'cost effective' in the general population, but only in high risk people who fit the profile (men, firemen, smokers). But...it is a guideline that every case of hematuria must rule out bladder cancer because it is one of the most common symptoms.

Good chance your problem is not cancer related. Didn't they do a urine cytology test? A FISH test is even better but harder to get and more expensive, but it couldn't hurt to try! Cytology is the standard test for dxing blc.

I live in Europe and don't know much about insurance issues or about experts in Mississipi. I think you mean the Cleveland Clinic that's in Jacksonville? Tampa's Moffitt cancer center might be even closer.

There are links to financial advice and aid for cancer patients on the main site here, if you might need them

Good luck with everything and let us know how it goes.

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13 years 2 weeks ago #9991 by Patricia
Mimi i have BC/BS but i have the PPO plan which is more per month but it allows me to pick my own doctors and go whereever i want and all the major cancer hospitals are in the network. The U.of Alabama at Birmingham is part of the national comprehensive cancer network but i didn't see very many docs that specialized in reconstruction surgery or bladder cancer...http://www.uabhealth.org/10360/?directory-query=*&filter-by=4215.....its a pretty specialized field especially for women..look through the directories of each of those hospitals you mentioned..you'll be amazed at how many times you see prostate but not bladder. If the need should arise we can guide you to the best if travel is no problem. Pat

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13 years 2 weeks ago #9979 by mimi
I have an appointment with my Uro in the morning at 8:00 a.m. so we will see where he wants to go from here. I am in Central Mississippi. There are no major centers close to me, but UAB is in Birmingham. They are a fantastic teaching and research hospital. I also have Vanderbilt, Emory and MD Anderson within a 10 hr drive or short flight. I also think there is a MSK in Jacksonville Fla which would be about 10 hrs away also. I do not live in a big city nor do I live in a small city. LOL We have 3 regional hospitals and a cancer center here in our town, but I would want to go somewhere that has more experience in dealing with this should the need arise.

My other question is on insurance. My insurance is BC/BS of Mississippi which means that I have to use providers in this state. How does your insurance work when you go out of state to places like Sloan Kettering????

Oh, and I had the CT Scan with and without contrast.


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