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Grandmother starting BCG in Oct.

13 years 2 months ago #7715 by Rosemary
Hi Blessed,

Having gone through the BCG treatments myself, I think I can understand your Grandmother's concern about protecting her dog.

I would recommend for her to be consciencious about keeping the toilet seat down during the time the toilet is being soaked in bleach on the day of treatment. I would also double check to make sure that the bathroom door is closed as a double safety net. That is what I would do. I would just check, check and double check. I think if she does this the dog will be allright.

I'm not even sure what you would do with a Depends adult diaper if it had absorbed BCG treated Urine. How would you dispose of it?

Good question though,
Your new friend,

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13 years 2 months ago #7713 by iamblessed2Bme
Hi ya'll! Well my grandmother who is 72 is starting BCG treatment around the 2nd week of treatment. Can anyone share with me how to tell her how to expect to feel? I'd like to be able to reassure her that it won't be too bad. I'm the researcher of the family.

She has had low grade bladder cancer for a little over a year now. Her urologist has been removing grade I lesions in his office w/ sedation through cysto. (at her insistence on doing it this way) every 4-6 months. Each time it is about 4 lesions at the grade of I out of of possible III. She is a long time smoker. So he said the best course of treatment to do is the BCG. She is a chronic worrier. She worries about things that aren't even something to worry about, so you can imagine how worried she is about this!

She is also worried about her dog. A chihuaha. Her doctor said something about pouring bleach in her toliet to protect others so now she is worried about passing something on to her little dog. Is this possible? Being an older lady who has had three children and a hysterectomy I'm sure there are some occasional leakage accidents here and there. She is considering a double protection of adult diapers for the time around the treatments. Is this necessary? For her peace of mind anyway maybe it is.

I just hope she can tolerate the treatment easily and it works for her. I also hope the medicine she is about to start helps her to quit smoking. We all just want her to feel better. Thanks for any advice!

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