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husband T3bN2Mx

14 years 5 months ago #647 by sharon
I can't help with your problems but I am curious about the blood clots your husband had. My husband has developed a pulmonary embolism. They said he is very lucky to be alive. Were your blood clots in the lung? A little history, diagnosed with bladder CA in December, bladder removed in February and he now has the bag. His was also stage IV. The chemo was very hard on him, I suppose his inactivity contributed to the blood clot. Nonetheless, he had two chemo treatments left but will not be receiving them now. :-/

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14 years 5 months ago #645 by memerson
My husband (age 59) recently had reoccurance of cancer (original 2000 - superficial) and had RC w/ileal conduit June 6.  He's recovering well and is preparing for 4 cylcle of chemo to start in a few weeks.  He had 4 cycle chemo just prior to surgery and tumor had significant necrosis - indicating good response to chemo.
The oncologist actually was encouraging.  Given that his cancer was staged at IV, we assumed "cure" was probably not a reasonable expectation.  However, the oncologist stated that he has 65-70% shot at cure w/chemo.  He was quite miserable w/initial chemo (including development of blood clots from site infection) but he is feeling so much better with bladder/tumor gone - we anticipate next course of chemo will not be as rough.
I've been lurking and reading for the last month or so, and finally decided to jump in.  I'm going to really appreciate this kind of resource and support in this journey.
As I mentioned, husband is doing great with the bag.  However, we have run in to one very practical problem.  I'm hoping someone has solution.  My husband just started driving again, and the drivers seat belt crosses right over his bag.  He tried to place the lap portion under his bag, but (to our surprise), it loosened the gasket and he developed a "slow leak".  
thanks for any input

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