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transitional cancer

14 years 3 months ago #610 by cta7978
Yeah, from what you have written its not clear if you have bladder cancer that has spread to the prostate or two seperate cancers (bladder and prostate) that have been growing independently on their own.

Can't comment on the seriousness of your Prostate cancer, but quite a few people on these message boards have had the operation you mention (bladder + prostate removed) and are doing pretty good with the different types of rebuilt bladders.

On the bright side, if the doctors are talking to you about removing the bladder, prostate and urethra, then it would appear they figure you have a good enough long term chance with the operation to proceed.

Good luck.

Chris A.
Diagnosed T1G3 - 3/01/06
37 yo, Seattle, WA

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14 years 3 months ago #608 by Jeff_Gill
I’m 59 been in good health all my life.
Smoked cigarettes 45 years quit in 2003. Since 1970 had 3 kidney stones passed 2 on my own.
In 2004 the V.A. found blood in my urine and that I had a large kidney stone.
About a month later they removed the stone by ultrasound and found and removed a small pea like tumor at the bladder neck. This came out to be nothing.
May, 2006 out of bed with a bad backache about 4 hours later pissed blood thought it was another stone. Called the Doctor he said to go to the nearest E.R.
They did some blood and urine work, chest X-rays and a CAT scan.
The ER doctor came in and told the wife and me I had advance Prostate cancer. He called an urologist for me to see the next morning.
He sent a scope up and saw a tumor did urine work and found cancer cells.

June 5,2006 checked into Hospital for Biopsy.
He needed to shave off part of the prostate to see the tumor and used this (shavings) also for biopsy then he did a separate Biopsy on the tumor. He told us this was like mixing everything thing together as a blob.
Appointment today with Urologist June 13,2006
The Lab was scratching there heads as what they see is very rare I have transitional cancer they don’t know if it started at the prostate or the bladder or I have two cancers.
So the biopsy is being sent to University of Washington either way I’m going to lose bladder, prostrate and maybe the tube going down penis.
What a shocker today has been. This is very hard for us to deal with.
This Friday I get chest X-ray and a bone scan.
The only good thing happening today was I had that catheter removed and he told me I could have a drink.
Any advice or someone who has been there would be helpful.



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