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Dad newly diagnosed- Non-papillary (solid) TCC

13 years 4 months ago #5583 by Patricia
Hi Sree.......my surgeon here in the states at The Cleveland Clinic is from India...he did his residency at All India Inst. of Medical Science in New Delhi and also Dayanand Medical College and Hosp in Punjab India. They seem quite advanced in their medicine. Just thought i'd throw that in for what its worth.
I'm guessing some docs are more conservative than others...my tumor was into the lamina and staged a T2 and the recommendation was to take the bladder out by 4 different doctors here. Pat

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13 years 4 months ago #5582 by skypilot
I had the same grade and stage. I elected to go with BCG, It did fail then I went to a cancer center in Detroit. I then had a third TURB and then was offered Kemo radiation or interferon /BCg also removal. I did the interferon, On teh turb after this I was clean. I will have my second 3 month check in 2 weeks. It is a little resky but I still have my bladder and his buddy the prostate. I feel very good and my bladder can hold more than it has in 4 years. Don

Hanging in there!

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13 years 4 months ago #5580 by wendy
The most recent guidelines for this type of tumor say to have a second TUR a couple/few weeks after the first, and if there is still residual tumor found, cystectomy is wise. If not, BCG can be tried, but if it doesn't work, then cystectomy is needed to be on the safe side.

Any T1 tumor has already shown that it is of an invasive nature, thus it's a high risk situation.

It sounds like you are doing a great job of helping your father, he's in good hands and lucky to have you.

All the best,

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13 years 4 months ago #5579 by d2007
Hi All

I am so glad I found this site with so much information on BC. Thanks to you all for contributing.

My father is 67yrs old and has been diagnosed with BC. He went thru the first TURBT on May 5th 2007. One tumor (3cm) was removed and sent to biopsy along with some tissue from the muscle.

The biopsy report came back with the following analysis
1. Solid (Non-papillary) TCC : grade 3
2. Laminal Invasion. No Muscular Invasion

We went for 2 more opinions (doc sent us) for the biopsy and all came back confirming the above. None of the pathologists defined the stage. We live in India and I am not sure if pathologits here do that. Docs are leaning toward T1 stage as this has not invaded the muscle. Is that ok? No metastasis. Lymp nodes are not involved.

We met couple of urologists regarding the treatment options:
1. One doc recommended RC as this is a high grade rumor
2. Two other docs recommended BCG therapy.

We have spent lot of time reading about  both the options but are unable to choose one.

If any of you went thru T1G3, what route did you prefer?

Appreciate your input.


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