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I know how you feel it is tuff to figure out. I have a very simaler case as yours. After the last TURB he said due to locaton same as yours. Doc wanted to do a neo bladder next month. I got a second opinion from a robotics surgen, Thats how I am doing mine. Much less invasive less healing time. This uro told me I could get thru the summer with 3 treatments of BCG, He also told me if I did nothing i would live for 5 years. my reguler uro said I would live for 2 years. So I might have to get a third opinion. But my Doc said the path report showed mine as t1 but he said that he thinks it is t2, You know they say opinions are like noses we all have them. The very best of evrything for you. Please keep us posted. Don

Hanging in there!

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OK I am a 54yo male in Australia diagnosed with BC in September 2005 following urine cytology. I previously suffered bowel cancer in 1996 and was cleared from this after surgery and chemo. Diagnosis in September following a cystoscopy was followed by a TUR with the following pathology reported:

Date Received:           21 September 2005

Date Reported:           22 September 2005

Specimen:                   Bladder

Clinical History:         Small papillary tumour Lt. bladder wall

Macroscopy:              Two fragments of tissue larger 2mm in diameter

Microscopy:               Sections of the bladder biopsies confirm a superficial papillary transitional cell carcinoma. The tumour is of high grade type consistent with WHO Grade III.

                                      There is no evidence in either biopsy of underlying invasion.

Conclusion:                Bladder – superficial papillary transitional cell carcinoma WHO Grade III.

In February 2006 I had a follow up cystoscopy which showed a recurrence resulting in another TUR being done and the following pathology report:

Date Received:           9 February 2006

Date Reported:           10 February 2006

Specimen:                   Bladder

Clinical History:         ? Recurrent papillary TCC – flat lesion at bladder neck.


Previous histology: UP05-2790 TCC Grade III

Macroscopy:              Four fragments of tissue largest measuring 8 x6 x 6mm

Microscopy:               Sections of the bladder biopsies confirm multiple fragments of tissue derived from the bladder neck. The epithelium is markedly thickened and shows dysplastic changes consistent with the diagnosis of carcinoma in-situ. In other areas small papillary structures are identified indicating early transformation to papillary transitional cell carcinoma.

Conclusion:                Bladder neck recurrence – papillary transitional carcinoma WHO Grade III with adjacent areas of carcinoma in-situ. There is no evidence of stromal invasion. – superficial papillary transitional cell carcinoma WHO Grade III.

Following a 6 weekly treatment with BCG I had a further cystoscopy and biopsy this week and am waiting on the results which I will get along with the latest pathology report on 8 June (always seem to be waiting for something).

I have tried to compare the stage in my pathology with those shown in Tales From the Trenches, but I have not been able to draw comparisons of where I fit. Perhaps the staging is different over here.

Can anyone help with some interpretation of the pathology findings please? Frankly I don’t know how serious my condition is or what the prognosis/statistics say for someone with my condition. I find this all very confusing. I guess I need to be asking a lot more questions of my Urologist when I see him.

Thanks for all the great stories and for sharing your experiences. I draw great comfort and encouragement from these.

Jeff  :-/

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