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I'm confused !!

14 years 1 month ago #515 by pink
Lou thanks for your help
I now have to through a ton of x-rays and scans before the operation is done.
This all starts next friday in London.
I have to try and hold my full bladder.now that is just not possible for me to do that.
I will read all the stories on everyones experiences,so that I can get a picture of what to expect.

thanks pink

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14 years 1 month ago #514 by rentanag

I had a radical cystectomy, hysterectomy, and pelvic lymphadenectomy in February of 2004, and rather than rewriting my story here I suggest you go to the storyboard section and my story appears on the very first page that comes up.  Obviousely that is a very brief description of my experiences and for the most part it only goes up until the fall of 2004.  I have written to others about my experiences, all of them!  if you're interested I could share some of my information (I've saved it all) with you via email or through the regular mail.
Just let me know if you're interested in receiving any of the information I have to share, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Lou Graham

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14 years 1 month ago #513 by kcnorthstar
Go back to the bladder cancer web cafe home page and go down to where it says " join our affiliated email discussion group hosted by acor" Click on "email discussion group" another page will open up. on that page click on "join the group" after joining that group post your questions there. You will get many responses from over 500 bladder cancer survivors. It is a very helpfull group.


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14 years 1 month ago #506 by pink
Hi,I'm new to this forum,I live in the uk,so bladder treatments may be a bit differently than in the us and other parts of the world.
I need to have a Total Cystectomy in 14 weeks time,my doctor say's I will have a Hysterectomy done at the same time.
But my surgeon has not mention this bit to me,I was wondering if any ladies who have had a Cystectomy can tell me if they had a Hysterectomy when they had their operation?
I have suffered with bladder problems for years and now that something is finally going to be done is a good thing,but I am confused as what to expect.
I am really scared as I have never had major surgery and need tips on how to prepare myself for this invasive surgery.
I also need to know how long will I be in hospital before the op?
Have to make arrangements for my pets and family.

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