Possible supplements to help with emptying bladder and reduce urgency to urinate

8 months 3 weeks ago #61539 by sara.anne
I would rely on the advice of my urologist.  If you are having problems, please discuss these with them.

To  my knowledge, there are no diets or supplements that have any effect such as those you mention.  Remember that the ads and the hype are ADVERTISING and are meant to entice purchases.  Many studies have shown that these supplements, which have no government medical supervision, often do not even contain what they claim to and can be harmful.

You are just barely finished with the first 6 BCG treatments and the urgency and other symptoms that you feel are quite normal at this stage.  Your urologist can prescribe one of several drugs that can help.  And things will improve as your bladder heals.

A normal, healthy diet and lots of fluids are usually the only "magic" that we need.

Good luck!

Sara Anne

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8 months 3 weeks ago #61538 by ralph_m

I have been through the TURB and the first 6 BCG treatments.  Waiting for the scope in 3 months.

I'm currently on this Forks Over Knives diet my daughters feel will help, but it is very restrictive.  Wondering if there is a better not so strict diet out there?

Is there any good supplement anyone has found that helps with emptying the bladder and reducing the urgency to urinate?

See adds for supplements all over the place and yet.  I wonder if any actually work and how long until they work?

Thanks for your help.

Have a Great Day!!!   Ralph  : )

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