CT scan abnormal but decompressed bladder. CT IVP coming up.

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In 2000, a study was published in England.   Total of 1,194 males and 736 females who had hematuria with a mean age of 58 years (range 17 to 96) were included in the study. Overall, 61% of patients had no basis found for hematuria, 12% had bladder cancer, 13% had urinary tract infection and 2% had stones. Kidney and upper tract tumors were noted in 14 patients (0.7%), including 4 who presented with microscopic hematuria.  

In 2012, There was another study done in multiple hospitals in US, Germany and Italy for Asymptomatic (eg. painless) hematuria and found that of the 1,182 subjects who presented with asymptomatic hematuria, 245 (20.7%) had bladder cancer.   

In my case, I had painless hematuria 3 times before the CT scan with IV contrast found a 2 cm x 1 cm mass which was later determined as cancer by cystoscopy. 

It was good that you were referred to the urologist after the 1st hematuria as like Jack says it happens to be  a cancer, it was caught the earliest as 85% of bladder cancers are diagnosed because of hematuria and some patients ignore it when it only happens once. Even some doctor does not refer to a urologist upon the first hematuria.   
Study in UK

Study in US, Germany & Italy

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Odds are actually higher it is NOT cancer. Could be an unusual infection, sometimes people "jostle" their insides from exercise to cause a bleed, a stone could nick things or even an unexplained bleed. I personally know 3 people in that category and one includes my wife years ago. You still want to have the tests done. Beyond that, it is one day at a time.

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1 year 5 months ago #61263 by Jack R

CT IVP is coding for a CT SCAN to be taken after you receive an IV with contrast material that will help visualize your complete urinary tract from the kidneys on down.  IVP = Intravenous Pyelogram. This is a good screening test for a wide range of possible issues.

A  CT of the pelvis requires a FULL bladder for best results. If the bladder has not been completely filled, it is called a distended bladder. Not an uncommon  happening.

Bladder cancer is the big worry  when there is unexplained bleeding, and MUST be followed up, until cancer is ruled out. There are MANY possible caused for gross  hematuria - cancer is NOT among the most common causes.

Only you and your doc know you history and risk factors - no one here is going to make a guess as to cause of the bleed.

Your Doc is following standard steps to determine a cause for the bleed. It may take additional tests. 

Try to relax, and be patient. The time and tests are worthwhile.  *IF* cancer turns out to be the cause, early detection leads to a great increase in successful treatment. There are lots and lots of successful stories to read on this site.

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My urologist is worried about the CT results of my bladder and wants to do a CT IVP (I’m not sure what that is) He was also concerned about my urine results. but my question is what could this be? I have included a picture of the “area of suspicion” from the CT scan and my urine results. they haven’t really said what this could be just that it “might be” cancer. I have had no symptoms really since my initial ER visit and was referred to Urology. My symptom at the ER in the doctors words on my chart were, Gross Hematuria, (because I was peeing blood clots but only for that one day) so I just want to know if anyone knows what this could possibly be if it’s not cancer which I believe is what the urologist is leaning towards but said he wasn’t sure until we do the CT IVP because my bladder was decompressed at the time of the scan. Any help is highly appreciated! 

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