husband having cystoscopy tomorrow. I am terrified.

3 weeks 4 days ago #61030 by sara.anne
I understand completely your feelings.  However, your husband's doctor is not just trying to make you feel better.....MOST patients who present with signs of blood in the urine are fine and no cause is ever found.  There is always a very small chance that it could be a sign of kidney problems or even bladder cancer so a cystoscopy is done to rule these out.  

Know that we are thinking good thoughts for you both and please let us know the results!!

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3 weeks 4 days ago #61029 by cancermomma
Hi all, 

My husband is a healthy 50 year old man who has never smoked, never worked around chemicals etc so low risk for bladder cancer. In May of this year he peed a small amount of blood once. no other symptoms. He freaked out (so did I) and went to the doctor. They did a physical exam that was normal and a urine cytology that was normal except for small crystals, no microscopic blood. The doctor thought the culprit must be a stone and we were all relieved. No abnormal cells found in urine. CT of kidneys orders and came back normal.... no stones. 
My husband has had no more blood in his urine. he feels great (though I know that means nothing). Our family doctor felt that the risk of anything is low and said she isn't worried but did refer him to a urologist for a cytoscopy which he is having tomorrow. My husband says he is not worried and doesn't seem worried (he is the kind of guy who can't fake it when he is scared). I on the other hand am terrified and already going down the rabbit hole of diagnosis, treatments, how will I work and support the family and care for him and juggle the kids etc. Really helpful I know. 
I just pray they find nothing tomorrow. Our doctor said it is not uncommon to have blood once and then never again and a cause is never found. I really hope that is true for him. I wonder with the crystals if he had a stone in his bladder that irritated enough to cause the blood but that he passed????? Is that wishful thinking? 

Sorry, I am just scared. 

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