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It makes one wonder why they do a microscopic blood test if they aren't going to at least discuss it!  It is true that in most cases a cause is never found (and some pc's do not even order a urinalysis as part of a routine exam for this reason.)  BUT it can be a sign of bladder cancer, for example.

The CT-urogram should show any abnormalities and then your urologist can follow up.  It sounds as if you are getting good care now anyway!  And while I understand your concern (been there, done that) you should know that bladder cancer, found early, is very treatable.  Just a coincidence....I just returned from having a CT-urogram which my urologist requires every five years.  I am now 13 years cancer-free!!!

Advice...try not to worry too much until you know what it is that you need to worry about.  Your urologist will guide you.

Sara Anne

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5 months 2 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #60748 by Beto
Hello.  I appreciate all the work that you do here.  

I am expecting the worst in this case.  I am 43, male, non-smoker in Chicago.  

It turns out that I have been having microscopic hematuria since at least 2017 (dipstick positive; but within limits on microscopic analysis). My doctors never flagged it to me as a concern.

Anyhow, an ultrasound in March saw a possible mass (2 cm x 6 mm) in my bladder adjoining the prostate; and a separate kidney cyst. However, a uro cystoscopy in April found NO tumors or lesions in my bladder. My uro diagnosed me with BPH also.  

He wants me to follow-up with CT urogram, which I hope to get soon.  I have been so terrified in the last several weeks.  

Any advice would be appreciated.  Many thanks.

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