Erythema on bladder wall and in urethra

2 years 10 months ago #60464 by kdime
Hi guys,

Ive been dealing with urinary issues for 5 months now and have gone through various urologists. Ive finally found one that I feel is probably the best out of the people Ive seen. My issues started with me finding blood (drop) after urinating, I was using a tissue to clean the tip and blood was there. After that problems started with me having to go urinate frequently (every 30 minutes) and bladder pain. I discovered that by following an IC like diet I could reduce the frequent urination. Ive been on 3 different antibiotics and just finished a course of levofloxacin. My prostate then started having constant inflammation (I can feel something hard in my rectal area). My urologist did a cystoscopy and said he didn't see any tumors, strictures or stones. The cystoscopy was fast (under a minute) and I noticed him get close to something red. I did ask him and he said all was normal. However on his notes I read that he had seen patchy erythema on the bladder walls and urethra. He did put me on steroids which seem to have helped a little bit but the prostate inflammation is still there. Should he have done a biopsy? Has any of you guys gone through a similar process. Urine cultures/sensitivity test/cytology all have been clear. Renal ultrasound was also clear. I have a MRI of the pelvis scheduled for this weekend as well. 

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