USC and women neobladder surgery

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You may not receive a lot of responses to your post; few women have a neobladder. You really need to discuss your questions when you meet with Dr. Djalabat. Ask how many women he has fitted with a neobladder and what the success rate is. Ask if he thinks this is an appropriate solution for you. And then go with what you feel comfortable with.

Dr. Djalabat is very highly rated but there are a few comments on his reviews that he can be rushed when he meets with patients. Be prepared to insist that your questions are answered.

I will be very interested to hear your story as it progresses as we need more information about women's situations.

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USC and women neobladder surgery was created by rwortham
My urologist highly recommends USC for the neobladder surgery. I have not had a consult but Dr. DJALABAT but I understand he is very good but not sure about women and the surgery.

I attempted to use the VA but they were only recommending VA health facilities and they were giving me the run around and dragging this out. Theybwere sending me to either Denver or Salt Lake City.. I couldnt find any highly recommended surgeons for this surgery in either location. I don't trust anyone cutting on me from the military or the VA anymore. I look like a side of beef thanks to the military and the VA in previous wrecks. Thank God I have secondary insurance and can go where I want. I think they were going to wait me out but I'm way tougher than they are. LOL

I was wondering if anyone has experience at USC with this type of surgery and specifically any women who have had the neobladder surgery done there. Problems with permanent incontinence issues, discharge issues and how long it lasts, how long before going back to work, specific problems after returning to work, etc. Trying to get surgery scheduled ASAP so I can get on the mend. Possible surgery date of Dec 30 if all goes well.

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