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help with understanding symptoms

1 week 1 day ago #60179 by jonah2020
With Covid they are very strict. We are having the doctor call us after to discuss.

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1 week 1 day ago #60178 by sara.anne
So sorry to hear about your father. Will you be able to go with him to the next appointment when they discuss the pathology report? It is always helpful for a patient to have someone else there, taking notes and listening, since there is a lot of information shared and it is not always easy to remember.

Until he has the results of the path report he really won't know what he is facing. The information from the report will indicate the type of bladder cancer (yes, there are several different kinds), the grade, and whether it has spread beyond the bladder. These factors will determine the treatment path and potential outcome. Until you have this report anything else would be just guesses.

Wishing you both the best

Sara Anne

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1 week 2 days ago #60177 by jonah2020
My dad has been suffering with symptoms with problems urinating for quite some time. He has been urinary incontinence for about 6 months. At the middle of September he had to go to emergency room because he started urinating a lot of blood...like a ton...his urethra got blocked and he got a foley catheter. Kaiser sucks ass. Finally, 2 days ago he got a cystoscopy under anesthesia and they scraped the tumor. The doctor said he could not remove the entire tumor and mass was very big. He said it looked aggressive. We have to wait till Nov 27th to go over path report. I am having a lot of anxiety. They stupidly scheduled his "talk" on the path report 30 minutes before his scheduled MRI guided biopsy of his lungs. I feel like he is withholding info or downplaying things. He has had a cyst in his pancreas for many years and his ct scan revealed he has many "cysts'. He has chosen not to do the endoscopy of his pancreas because he said there was nothing they can do if it is cancer. I am the only one around to help...he lives 25 miles away. I don't know what to do...I don't know how worried I need to be. He is mobile and other than the u cath can do a lot for himself. He has a lot of anxiety and it is hard to get info from him. I think the best thing he likes are the visits I give to him. Can anyone give info and support. Which kind of bladder cancer is most likely. And is there a poor or fair prognosis? Any info is appreciated.

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