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1 week 3 days ago #60152 by joea73
It is good to hear that the TURBT was followed by intravesical chemotherapy - mitomycin. It is a recommended procedure by American Urological Association and it should reduce the recurrent rate by 10-15% by possibly killing cancer cells in other places in the bladder if it happens to exist and any cancer fragments possibly planted from the initial TURBT. So, your husband had the treatment which minimizes possibility of recurrences. Also, most Low Grade Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma(LG Ta PUC) will not progress to high grade. So even when it has recurrence, it is likely low grade again. So, you and your husband should celebrate the luck. Just suggest to follow up with scheduled cystoscopy as Sara mentioned.

Best wishes.

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1 week 4 days ago #60147 by sara.anne
That was good news, indeed! The "usual" protocol followed in cases such as your husband's is to have a cystoscopy exam every three months for about two years, then every 6 months until about 5 years have passed, then annually forever. The only "bad news" about your husband's diagnosis is that this type of cancer can come back, which is why the vigilance of the frequent exams is important. IF it does return, it will be found early and removed.

No, BCG is not used in cases such as his. Since the cancer was removed, there is nothing currently there to treat. Also, it is not as effective in low-grade bladder cancer as it is in high-grade. It does have side effects, which are cumulative, so it is best saved for times when the patient really needs it. IF low grade bladder cancer returns multiple times BCG is then a possibility.

Sara Anne

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1 week 4 days ago #60146 by cagjbork
Husband had the TURBT on 10/27. Tumor removed-had micityn (sp) injected. Pathology just came back. Non-invasive, low grade, PUC, Ta. I guess good news. He is scheduled for a re-scope in 3 months. Would that be the normal protocol? Should he be receiving BCG in the meantime? Very new to all of this. Looking for advice.

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