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Family member recently received prognosis.. advice?

1 week 3 days ago #60032 by DonaldK

I was diagnosed with this in April 2019 and had 2 TUBR's as Sara Anne mentioned, my second came back with Hi-grade non-muscle invasive CIS (somewhat similar to your family member).

As of my last scope, I continue to be cancer free - I will continue with the checks until I hit the 5 year mark.

I have done BCG treatment (in a research study) with only minor issues (side effect related)

Have faith, do some reading (again as suggested by Sara Anne).

We are with you in spirit and will help in anyway possible


Hi Grade T1 CIS

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1 week 4 days ago #60023 by sara.anne
Welcome to the Forum!!

From your description, it appears that this is the most common form of bladder cancer, sometimes referred to as transitional cell or urothelial cell carcinoma. The papillary form is like a small mushroom that extends out into the bladder cavity. Low-grade means that the cells are only slowly dividing, while high-grade means that they are dividing more rapidly and have a higher chance of spreading if not treated. There is a lot of information if you go to our Home Page underBladder Cancer 101.

This form of bladder cancer is highly treatable when found early, as it seems this was. Often a urologist will do a second TURB (the biopsy surgery) to make sure that he/she got all the possible tumor and to be sure of the diagnosis. The urologist may also recommend a form of immunotherapy called BCG which is often highly effective, particularly in the case of high-grade bladder cancer.

As I mentioned above, this type of bladder cancer can be very effectively treated. For example, I was diagnosed with a similar type 14 years ago, received BCG treatments, and have been cancer-free every since!

Sara Anne

Diagnosis 2-08 Small papillary TCC; CIS
BCG; BCG maintenance
Vice-President, American Bladder Cancer Society
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1 week 4 days ago #60022 by ilmm89
Hello, first time Posting here..

A family member of mine was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer... they were able to remove the entire tumor with surgery and we just received the medical report a few days ago

The doctor said that it did have high grade cells, but that the tumor itself did not invade the muscle lining. The doctor called it a “papillary tumor”.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this? Or if this prognosis is a “better” one? Cancer is cancer, but I have seen so many mixed things about bladder cancer being more easily treated— but just was not sure if the “high grade” aspect just... casts a massive dark shadow over it all? Or treatments in general.. etc.

They will be talking with a doctor this week to clarify the original results but it’s just.. been a lot.

Thank you in advance, ive been extremely nervous about it all— trying to stay positive but informed as well..

This forum seems one of great support, and I am wishing everyone in here the best—

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