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Welcome Dlockesf,Diagnosed as not having cancer but having doubts

3 months 1 week ago #59545 by JIMG4

when having a cystoscopy, especially with the anticipation that you know it is going to be done at some point (i.e. - routine follow up) (or in your situation bleeding and waiting for the dr) the anticipation can be monumental and so when the procedure is performed and completed, it may feel like it literally took seconds. To answer your question, it generally takes a minute or two, at least in my experience that's what it has taken each time. And, doctors performing this procedure know exactly what they are looking for and at.

Ultimately, a doctor performing such a procedure is doing so with the knowledge that certain medical conditions cause the issues you were having and failing to do a thorough exam could certainly lead to unfavorable results to the doctor.

that said, i'm definitely not discounting your thoughts, feelings and position. And I'm sorry your experience left you concerned and wondering, that is not what anyone wants. I was a patient of such a physician (my GP) for four (4) years and I'll leave it at that. IF...you feel that you did not receive the appropriate care, I would suggest you find a doctor that is "right" for you. I don't mean a doctor who will tell you exactly what you want to hear but rather one who "listens" and "takes time with you" and will explain what needs to be done and provide it with thorough care.

Ultimately you are in charge of you and your health. Find another doctor who will listen to you and provide you with the comfort and satisfaction you think you didn't get the first time around as well as a doctor who is the right "fit" for you. It's not easy but it is necessary because ultimately if you don't feel like your being heard then you will always be left with nagging thoughts.

Praying and hoping that you find the right fit and that the results are that you don't have cancer! All my best and good luck! Stay strong.

10/25/18: TURBT
11/06/18: DX Ta - low grade non-invasive TCC
07/07/20: Recurrence. TURBT (07/30/20)

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3 months 1 week ago #59544 by dlockesf
Thanks, Alan

I'd had the CT scan, it was negative. I forgot to mention "atypical urothelial cells" in a urine sample.

If anything I overestimate how long I'm getting probed...

Yes, looking for a doc for a second opinion.

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3 months 1 week ago #59543 by Alan
Welcome Dlockesf,

The normal protocol for bladder cancer is a urine cytology and the cystoscopy. Cytology can give false positives so it is not fool proof. The cystoscopy doesn't take long however, I am guessing your doc was in there longer than 15 seconds. From the many I have had it seems like 1-2 minutes might be "normal".

The important item is to try and pin down the cause of your hematuria (bleeding). There are MANY causes to where bladder cancer is not the cause. Passes stones, infections among other causes and in a few situations a reason is never found. It does sound like you need more tests. A CT scan is often done to rule out other urinary tract problems such as the kidneys. A second opinion also would probably be a good idea to compare notes and peace of mind.

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3 months 1 week ago #59542 by dlockesf
Probably strange to worry about a negative result but the exam happened so fast that I'm wondering.

I had been having heavy blood and clots for about 8 days. The clots caused a blockage and I would up in the emergency room and spent four days catheterized before the doctor was available. He scoped me, and I would say it lasted about 15 seconds and pronounced me cancer free.

There was some strange and defensive behavior by the doctor during that appointment too, so I went away not convinced.

My question is how long a scoping for cancer should take?

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