Confused about staging

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I just spoke with my surgeon after my first TURBT about the pathology report. He told me it was a T1G3 tumor 7cm x 7cm and he is recommending RC. But now looking at his operative notes online, he described a cT2+ tumor. I don't want to start calling his office with every single question because I am sure that I will have many and I prefer to save up a few, but this seems a substantial difference. Can someone help me understand?

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I would call the urologist's office and ask your question. YOU are paying big bucks so don't worry about asking a question!! Either of these diagnoses would lead to a recommendation for an RC.

Sara Anne

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Welcome. I am just sorry about the diagnosis of bladder cancer. A couple of quick takes. There is a big difference in protocol for standard of care between stage 1 and stage 2. Stage 2 means the tumor has reached the muscle layer and the usual procedure is an RC. Stage 1 is usually taking immunotherapy such as BCG. As this is a life changing surgery, I would encourage 1 of 2 things. Your URO may have already scheduled a 2nd TURB which is common for any aggressive/high grade tumors. Plus a 7cm X 7 CM is considered a larger tumor. This is something to ask about. Another option that many do is get a second opinion for peace of mind and a fresh set of eyes.

I am sure none of this what you may have hoped to hear. At the same time this is still very treatable and beatable at these stages. Ask away as you have other questions.

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