Bloody urine for a day...

1 year 3 months ago #59454 by Soulbarn
Bloody urine for a day... was created by Soulbarn
It started on Saturday morning with a little blood. Blood increased, including clots, until the urine was a very dark red Saturday night. Sunday morning it began a to subside, and by Sunday night, all back to normal.

The night before I took 20mg of Cialis, as well as a Sudafed tablet.

I had Rezum (a BPH treatment) two years ago, it was successful. I also have neurogenic bladder from a past head injury and cervical spinal surgery, so I have urinary frequency, though not urgency. I have some mild tingling on urination.

There is a diverticula in my bladder.

My regular doc did a culture and found no UTIs. Urologist can’t see me for several weeks.

I’m very nervous about possible bladder cancer. Does the rapid onset/decrease have any significance, positive or negative?

Thank you.

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