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7 months 3 weeks ago #59008 by sara.anne
There could be many reasons for your symptoms, bladder cancer being just one. A number of years ago when I was having multiple UTI’s I was told by my gyn that after three in one year I should see a urologist. I feel that her advice saved my life, since I DID have high grade bladder cancer

Your other symptoms are not typical of bladder cancer, and in addition your age and sex argue against that diagnosis. However, a referral to a urologist would be a good idea since there are other, non-malignant diagnoses. And in the unlikely case that it is cancer you want to get it treated.

Sara Anne

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7 months 3 weeks ago #59007 by Twilight1234
I am a 33 year old female. I havent had a diagnosis of uterine cancer but I have my suspicions. For the past 6 months I have had reoccurring UTIs. Before then I had never had a uti in my life.
The first diagnosis came after spending a day at the pool. The day after I woke up in excruciating pain and could not pee. I went to urgent care where I was diagnosed with a UTI and sent home with antibiotics.
Then about 3 months later the symptoms returned. I was once again given antibiotics.
Symptoms resided and I was ok until the day after the antibiotics ran out. My symptoms were back and were worse than ever. I wasnt able to get back to urgent care until about 3 weeks later. The pain was so unbearable I couldn't move or do anything. I was once again given antibiotics and the symptoms seemed to eventually go away.
But then I started having other symptoms which eventually led me back to urgent care for another visit once again.
I started having irregular vaginal bleeding/spotting followed by a fowl odor that I can only describe as rotting fruit or rotting juice. Intercourse became extremely painful to the point where it became impossible.
When I went back into urgent care I was tested for STDs and Infections as well as a UTI. Tests showed high levels of protein and blood in urine but negative for uti, infection and STDs. I was told it was most likely a yeast infection which I thought was odd because I didnt have the symptoms of one. I took the medication I was given.
The painful intercourse continued but then I started having urination issues again. This time its frequent urination as well as lower abdominal cramps in the middle of my abdomen. I also started feeling extremely fatigued and just dont feel well over all.
I was wondering if anyone with bladder cancer has had a similar experience with symptoms and if anyone was misdiagnosed with recurring UTIs before they were diagnosed with cancer?

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