Lack of sleep!

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I had TURBT with fulguration end of June. Second look biopsy mid August. 6 weeks mitomycin ending Early November. Scope before Thanksgiving. And another biopsy procedure in OR on January 10.

I’m having a heck of a time with urgency, frequency, pain on urgency less so urinating. And this means I only sleep in 1-1.5 hour segments sometimes even less.

Starting to get real worn out. And I will like start 6 weeks BCG in about 4 weeks.

Will my bladder, prostate, urethra ever get back to close to normal?

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1 year 3 months ago #58933 by Bob203
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I had similar reactions after TURBT procedures it took me 5 weeks to get back close to normal. All I could do was take naps as I could and I spent many many hours in my whirlpool tub the warm water and jets provided some relief. I would nap in the tub and void into the water. On my 3rd BCG and the bladder pain and voiding pain are much less than after surgery and last only 1-2 days. My issues are related to lower abdominal pain and lots of gas and constipation for 3-5 days after treatment. Back to no sleep again!! I’m close to stopping all treatments and hoping for no reoccurrence .

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #58946 by Knifedealer
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Shacky, didn't you also have the Urolift at some point? I'm curious, when you were downstate on Jan 10 did the doctor at MSK make any mention of ("see") the implants (staples/tabs made from stainless steel and nickel-titanium) as he made his way up the urethra, through the prostate, and into your bladder? My question assumes that implants are visible post-procedure. They may not be, especially months after the procedure.

My cancer journey started when I went for a cystoscopy due to having an enlarged prostate (BPH). The cancer was found incidentally (surprise, surprise) and the priority immediately shifted away from treating my prostate to treating the bladder cancer. Prior to the cystoscopy my doctor provided information on Rezum and Urolift as I didn't like the side effect of drug I was given to treat BPH.

Now that the induction BCG phase is complete, I'm considering Rezum, which uses steam to shrink the prostate. I'm 63 and plan to live at least 37 more years. :) During that time I anticipate many scopes and possibly catheters passing through the "pipe" that is my urethra. I'm troubled by the thought of something "foreign" obstructing the pathway to the bladder. In fairness, my concern exist only in my head and has no scientific validity that I can find.

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1 year 2 months ago #59072 by Shacky73
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Sorry I didn’t see your question till now.

MD did not mention seeing Urolift clips on biopsy. And I didn’t see anything in OR report.

Just has second BCG. Even with 8 French catheter it hurt when she hit prostate then bladder entry. Not bad but I flinched.

I asked if it was my prostate that was painful. She said probably but noted there was no resistance passing prostate.

My CT report said prostate radioisotope seeds seen on CT. They weren’t rad seeds they are urolift.

I would suggest doing lots of homework on Rexum steam treatment. My buddy had it in Denver. 6 weeks out he still had to use catheter to pass urine. He said as he looking for similar bad results he found them on forums but not company site beforehand. I’m sure there are horror stories about Uroloft but other than being sore as hell after mine has gone well.

Good luck to you!

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