First round of BCG treatment and side effects

1 year 7 months ago #58407 by Mohpepper
Having just finished my first round of BCG treatment I’d like to share what happened with me. 1st treatment was rather uneventful other than tired and sore muscles. # 2 was a good bit worse, lots of nausea and felt like death warmed over... went to er( was a weekend) and they gave me script for the nausea. Needless to say each got worse . During my 4th the nausea was so bad I took some Gaviscon!!!! DONT DO THAT!!! Come to find out the antibiotic they gave me can not be mixed with magnesium!! I almost stopped treatment right there but went for my 5th. I forgot to take my antibiotic TIL late that night.. 1 1/2 hours later I’m sick again. Come to find out it wasn’t the treatments, I was allergic to the antibiotics!!! I didn’t know, I thought it was from the treatment never been allergic to medication before. My doc gave me 4 pills each treatment in a small brown envelope with only the name on it. So please beware , and get info on anything they give you. I could have saved 5 weeks of feeling horrible. Hope this helps someone not go thru what I did.

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