high grade bladder cancer, BCG and joint replacement

2 years 1 day ago #57817 by wolffbm
I have been treated for several years for CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Recently I was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer, with the tumor going up into one of the ureters, but not into the muscle. Treatment for this would be BCG, however, due to my hip joint replacement of 8 weeks ago, the Urologist tells me the BCG could cause bone sepsis, thus will not do this treatment. Plan is to do the cystogram under general anesthesia every 3 months.

Anyone else have issues with bladder cancer, joint replacements and concerns of complications of BCG?


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2 years 1 day ago - 2 years 1 day ago #57818 by Alan

Welcome. I just wanted to acknowledge your post has been seen! Wow, you have two complications with the leukemia and hip replacement that are way above my pay grade in knowledge. Complicated enough that I would totally say rely and maybe involve in infectious disease and or orthopedic Doc (or something along those lines) along with you URO. Perhaps even a second opinion at a good teaching/university hospital as they like challenges and, it can offer peace of mind plus fresh eyes. Please let us know as you go as everyone learns from each other!

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2 years 1 day ago #57824 by sara.anne
Bill, I would be even a bit more concerned with the CLL which has already screwed up your immune system. Has your urologist discussed the possibility of using mitomycin instead of BCG? In any event, I would be sure that your hematologist/oncologist is included in any discussion of proposed therapies. I think that Alan's suggestion for a consult/second opinion is an excellent idea. Are you anywhere near a medical school? You need a multidisciplinary approach to this. High grade bladder cancer is not really a "watch and wait" situation.

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