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Well went to Stanford. This doctor is amazing. He did say however that because of the high grade tumor with in situ he would have to do a third TURBT on my dad to be sure BCG would work as opposed to bladder removal. I just asked Dr- well what If we just remove the bladder now and he said that would potentially be over treatment at this juncture. I’m not happy about having my dad undergo a third resection but I do feel happy that he wants to make sure that the staging is correct to keep cancer at bay.

Anyone else had three resections in four months? Initially diagnosed as stage Ta then upstaged to Stage 1 by his first doctor so lord only knows what’s next. The first doctor did use blue light cystoscopy for the second TURBT but at this point I have lost confidence entirely in the prior doctor. Hopefully my dad can be treated.

If it is Stage 2, is it possible for him to still live for a few years?

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Re: the TURBT--yes, three TURBTs do happen. I don't know how rare they are, but my brother had three of them in less than four months. The situation was different--he wasn't upstaged between the first and second resection--but the purpose was the same: to make sure that the cancer wasn't in the muscle, so that BCG would be the best option. The thing is: first, if the current doctor really thinks that a bladder removal would be possible over-treatment, then he probably really does think that there is a strong possibility that the cancer is still T1 HG. And second--my brother found the third resection the easiest of the three to recover from, fwiw. Good luck to you and your father--
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